Location longue durée (LLD) Peugeot pour particuliers


Also called leasing, contract hire is what you need if:


  • You want to hire a car for a long time, over several weeks or months
  • You want to benefit from having a new car without having to pay the full price
  • You want to change your car often without having to worry about reselling


What's more, at PEUGEOT, leasing allows you access to all of our model ranges: city cars, saloons, estates, MPVs, SUVs, and even commercial vehicles.


That means that no matter what your requirements, you'll be sure to find a car to suit you!

Defining the lease payments

When you opt for contract hire, the payments are mostly calculated based on what you need: you determine the lease period and the mileage at the time of signing the contract.


However, these features can be adjusted at any time to suit your actual usage of the vehicle.

There are many services that come with leasing

Choosing contract hire to finance your new vehicle gives you access to a large range of associated services.


These services are optional, but may be able to meet any specific requirements you may have. When you choose any of them, they are added directly to your monthly lease payment.


The services associated with contract hire include: insurance, and/or extended warranty for a new vehicle. You can also benefit from the maintenance service, which will allow you to drive with full peace of mind thanks to 24-hour assistance.

Contract hire with or without a deposit

Would you like to take out a leasing contract but don't have the money to get started?


Don't worry: leasing is accessible to everyone, even without a deposit.


However, you can also part-exchange your old car in order to finance your leasing contract and reduce your monthly repayments.


So, don't delay in discovering our contract hire offers!


Stay in control of your plans and always drive a new vehicle by changing it regularly.

With Credipar's package offers, we give you the option of getting a new vehicle at the end of your term, while preserving your savings.

Maintain your freedom with Credipar and finance your vehicle at the best price.


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