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  • you are informed about how we use the personal information we collect about you;
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Legal Notice: refers to this document.


Site: refers to the website accessible at [country url].

Elements: refers to the elements, in particular information, provided by AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT to users and accessible via the site.


User: refers to any individual or legal entity using the site.


This document constitutes the site's Legal Notice. The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions of consultation of the items by the user. It is specified that consultation of the elements is subject to compliance with this Legal Notice as provided in the following article.


4.1. Acceptance


AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT provides the elements on condition that the user undertakes to respect the present Legal Notice. AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT advises the user to regularly refer to the latest version of the Legal Notice.


In any event, the user is deemed to have accepted the Legal Notice simply by consulting the elements. Any consultation of the elements implies acceptance of the Legal Notices in their latest version.



4.2. Modification


AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT may modify these Legal Notices and all the elements presented on the site at any time and without notice. AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT advises the user to regularly refer to the latest version of the Legal Notice.


The user is deemed to accept the latter version each time the items are consulted again.


Consultation of the site is possible without the user having to reveal their identity or any other personal information concerning them.


The protection of your personal data is our priority. We invite you to read our Privacy Statement in Article 23.


The site has a cookie system. Thus the user is informed that during their visits to the site, cookies may be automatically installed on their internet browser.

Cookies are files sent to the user's hard disk in order to facilitate their browsing on the site  and to draw up visitor statistics.

Under no circumstances do these cookies contain nominative information.

The user can deactivate the sending of cookies by modifying the parameters of their internet browser.

For more information about our cookie management policy, please read our Cookie management policy in the "Cookie management policy" section.


The elements of the site are accessible via the internet.


All costs relating to access to the elements, whether hardware, software or internet access, are the responsibility of the user. The user is solely responsible for the proper functioning of their computer equipment as well as their access to the internet.

The user declares that they accept the characteristics and limitations of the internet and acknowledges that they are aware of the nature of the internet network and, in particular, its technical performance, response times for consulting,  querying or transferring information, the risks of interruption and, more generally, the risks inherent in any connection and transmission on the internet. AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT uses all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the elements, it being specified that AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT is under no obligation of result to achieve this.


The user undertakes to comply with the present Legal Notice and guarantees AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT against any illicit, non-compliant and/or unauthorised use of the elements.

Personal use of the elements excludes exploitation for any other purpose. In particular, the user shall refrain from any commercial or profit-making exploitation of all or part of the elements.


The user undertakes to use the site in accordance with national and international regulations, and in particular not to use it to display, download, send or transmit any content:


- of a violent nature or likely to violate respect for and dignity of the human person, equality between men and women and the protection of children and adolescents, in particular through the production, transport and dissemination of messages of a violent or pornographic nature or likely to violate human dignity;

- which encourages the commission of crimes and misdemeanours;

- which encourages the use of prohibited substances;

- which provokes or may provoke discrimination, hatred, violence because of race, ethnicity or nation;

- that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libellous, abusive, vulgar, obscene, threatening to the privacy of others or likely to offend the sensibilities of certain persons;

- which misleads other users by usurping other people's names or company names;

- which infringes the rights of third parties such as, but not limited to, any trade secret, professional secret, confidential information, trademark, patent and in general any industrial or intellectual property right or any other right relating to protected information or content;

- including, but not limited to, computer viruses or any other code or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.


The user undertakes to:


- regularly read the Legal Notice and respect it,

- not to collect and store personal data relating to other users,

- not to harass in any way whatsoever, one or more other users,

- not hinder or disrupt the operation of the site.


In the event of failure on the part of the user to comply with this Legal Notice, access to the site will be automatically blocked, without prejudice to any legal action that may be brought by AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT and any damages and interest that may be claimed from the user.


All sites having a link with the site (a hypertext link targeting this site or established from it), are not under the control of AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT.

AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT therefore assumes no responsibility for the availability of these sites, their content, advertising, products or services available on or from these sites.

The user is solely responsible for their use.


The user of the site is informed that the elements :

a) are protected by copyright law: this may be the case in particular for photographs, articles, drawings, animated sequences, ...

b) and/or are protected by the legislation on designs and models: these are in particular the vehicle models appearing on the site;

c) are protected by trademark legislation: in particular the "PEUGEOT" brand, the "Lion complet stylisé" brand (representing the AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT logo) and the brands of the vehicle models appearing on the site.


The elements thus protected are the property of AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT or third parties having authorised AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT to use them.


Consequently, any reproduction, use, representation, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialisation, in part or in full, by any process and on any medium whatsoever (paper, digital, etc.),  of any of the elements is prohibited without the prior written authorisation of AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT, apart from the exceptions set out in article L 122. 5 of the Intellectual Property Code, under penalty of constituting an offence of copyright and/or design and model and/or brand counterfeiting, punishable by the penal and civil penalties provided for by the legislation applicable in the matter.


The user undertakes to guarantee AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT against any action taken against it, or any complaint lodged against it, by a third party, as a result of the use of the site by the user under conditions that do not comply with the present Legal Notice. This guarantee covers any sum that AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT may be required to pay for any reason whatsoever, including legal fees and court costs recognised or awarded.


Use of the site is not accompanied by any guarantee whatsoever. AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT grants no guarantee, express or implicit, as to the use of the site by the user and in particular as to the availability, timeliness, currency, reliability and usefulness of the site and the elements.

Similarly, AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT does not guarantee that the elements comply with the user's expectations.


The user is solely responsible for the use they make of the site and the elements. The user is responsible for any damage that AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT may suffer as a result of the use of the site and the elements not complying with the laws and/or regulations and/or provisions in force.


AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT cannot be held liable for any reason whatsoever, and without this list being exhaustive, in the event of modification, suspension or interruption of the site and/or access to the elements.


AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the reliability of data transmission, access times or any restrictions on access to the internet or the networks  connected to it. AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT may not be held liable in the event of interruption of the access networks to the elements, total or partial unavailability of the elements resulting in particular from the telecommunications operator, in the event of a transmission error or problem related to the security of transmissions, in the event of failure of the user's reception equipment or telephone line.


AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT may have to interrupt access to the elements for maintenance reasons. This interruption will be notified by means of a warning on the home page of the site or by any other means. AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT shall in no way be held liable for this interruption and shall not be entitled to any compensation.

Under no circumstances may AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT be held liable for any direct or  indirect damage, such as, in particular, material, commercial, moral and financial loss, including any loss of profits, loss of data or programmes, caused by, originating from or based on the use of the site and/or the elements.


In the event that a Peugeot point of sale sends a commercial offer on the internet user's personal space, this point of sale is solely responsible for this offer, Automobiles Peugeot's liability cannot be engaged in any way in this respect.


The elements appearing on the pages of the site are based on the technical characteristics in force at the time when the various pages of the site are put online or updated.


The products presented on this site are those distributed in mainland France (excluding Corsica). They may vary from country to country or may not be available in all countries of the world.


In any event, the elements contained on this site are of a general nature and have no contractual value.


In addition, all prices indicated are maximum recommended retail prices.


AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT makes available to the user, on the site, various spaces enabling them to access privileged services. To obtain access to these areas, the user must enter their login and password. This password is strictly personal and the user must keep it confidential. 


As such, the user is responsible for any use of this password and AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of these spaces and/or this password. The user must inform AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT of any fraudulent use of their password or space and disconnect after each consultation of the site.


Peugeot reserves the right to modify and update, without notice, these General Terms and Conditions and all the elements, products or services presented on the site.


All of these modifications are binding on internet users, who must consult these General Terms and Conditions each time they log on.


All financing offers made on the website are subject to acceptance of the application by CREDIPAR, a French public limited company with capital of 138,517,008 euros, 9 rue Henri Barbusse 92230 GENNEVILLIERS, RCS Nanterre 317 425 981.


As offers and rates may be subject to conditions and depend in all cases on the approval of the file by CREDIPAR, the information on the site is not contractual and your registration on the site does not constitute an offer of financing.


Only your acceptance, through your signature, of a prior offer of financing and the provision, to the member of the PEUGEOT network with whom you are in contact, of the requested proof of identity and assets, will allow CREDIPAR to approve or reject your request.


CREDIPAR cannot be held liable in any way if the offers made on the website should change.


If any one of the clauses is held to be null and void, it will be deemed to be unwritten and will not lead to the nullity of the other clauses. AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT's failure to exercise any of the rights resulting from this user guide does not constitute a waiver of such rights.


The site and the present Legal Notice are subject to French law.

Any dispute that may arise concerning the interpretation and/or execution of the present Legal Notice must be the subject of an attempt at amicable settlement.

In the absence of an amicable settlement, the dispute will be submitted to the competent courts of Paris.


For more information about Peugeot, your rights and the way we collect and process your personal data, please read our privacy policy.